Sales and marketing vacancies at Connectis

We are growing. Fast. To expand sales and marketing department, we have various vacancies.

Sales Engineer

To expand our sales department, we are looking for a Sales Engineer with strong technical affinity. Someone who is able to embrace all our complex and technical products and translate this to what the customer needs. And can translate the customer needs into the best solutions.

With your technical knowledge, you fulfill an advisory role. You are the technical conscience during the sales and implementation phase. In addition to the knowledge of our products and services, you are well aware of the latest trends and developments in the market. From this role you contribute to the increase in conversion rates on tenders and quotes.

  • Informing and advising our prospects, customers and partners on technical possibilities of our eID solutions and the implementation of those solutions within the organization of the customer
  • Translating the customer demand into an effective concept, design and solution
  • Coordinate the complete customer journey from awareness phase to complete implementation and aftercare to ensure optimal Customer Satisfaction
  • Actively acquiring new assignments for new and existing customers in order to create revenue growth
  • Present our solutions to clients and give trainings and demonstrations
  • Implement new solutions to our customers or adaptation of existing solutions
  • Compile a technical solution in consultation with the product teams that meets the needs of the customer
  • Calculating and working out bids for both existing and new customers
  • Coordinate and monitor the implementation process at the customer and ensure the transfer from the pre-sales process to the actual phase of client implementation.Signaling relevant market developments

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Marketing Associate

To expand our Marketing and Communications department, we are looking for a Marketing Associate. Someone who is able to support the direct and indirect marketing and sales efforts of our own organization as well as our resellers.

  • Working together with the Marketing Communications Manager and the Online Marketeer in order to optimize the effectiveness of the marketing and communications channels
  • Processing input of Marketing Manager and Sales Reps into sales supporting communications materials, like brochures and leaflets
  • Providing Sales Support means and tooling
  • Coordinating Sales Support for our partners and resellers
  • Organizing events, demos and trainings
  • Coordinating marketing sales support where needed for our own sales reps
  • Setting up Sales and Marketing campaigns

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Marketing Communications Manager

To expand our Marketing and Communications department, we are also looking for a Marketing & Communications Manager. Someone who is able to satisfy the needs of our current and future clients, defines and executes our Marketing strategy and informs our stakeholders in the most effective and efficient way.


  • Keeping abreast of and advising on market developments, (new) markets and products, distributions methods and advertising possibilities.
  • Determining & executing the marketing strategy
  • Understanding the needs of customers, translating them into propositions
  • Setting up, coordinating/executing and adjusting the marketing plans
  • Monitoring overall marketing ROI
  • Setting up, improving and adjusting the lead data in Salesforce CRM
  • Setting up and executing marketing and sales campaigns to generate leads


  • Managing communication part of marketing projects
  • Positioning the company’s brand
  • Coordinating the communication materials needed by Sales Reps and all marketing roles
  • Coordinating external communications partners
  • Determining content of the marketing and communications channels
  • Arranging/writing internal communications messages
  • Helping HR with writing and distributing vacancies
  • Setting up, maintaining and promoting the corporate brand/style guidelines and accompanied templates to make it easy for everyone (for slides, letters, emails, etc.)
  • Determining the visual identity, tone of voice, and all other general brand related elements
  • Advising on the quality and effectiveness of visual communication materials (online and offline) based on the Connectis style guide.

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