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Federated Identity Management Platform

Why enforce your company’s account, while they can simply use their own Digital Identity?

Your client has many accounts. Just think about it. DigiD, Facebook, eHerkenning, Google, Twitter, iDIN and LinkedIn. Maybe also Indensys, Microsoft, eIDAS or Surf. Plus the one of your website or digital application. And of course he wants to use the account he prefers.

Our Federated Identity Management Platform is the solution.

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eIDAS: European network for identification

eidas_logoConnectis is in charge of implementing the project ‘eIDAS 2018 for Municipalities’, which allows cross-border online access by European citizens and businesses to the public services of 81 Dutch municipalities. The European Union’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) co-finances the project.

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FederateNow™ Adapters

Need to integrate a customer application with our Identity Broker? The Connectis FederateNow™ Adapters can provide you with an easy integration for java and asp.net platform. A couple of lines of code is enough.


Need more than our standard out-of-the-box support? We deliver our product built-to-order, allowing for a full integration with your existing software and user experience.

Connectis and SIDN joined forces

sidn_logoSIDN – the company behind all .nl domain names – has acquired a majority stake in Connectis. The Connectis-SIDN link-up represents a big boost for the digital identities market.

It opens the way for Connectis to build towards a future of secure log-ins and reusable digital identities.

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Connecting to DigiD

Connectis handles over 90% of all DigiD transactions in the Dutch Healthcare sector. We translate DigiD to any protocol you need.

Connect to everything


Connectis supports all internationally recognized standards and protocols such SAML, OpenID, SCIM, OAuth, ADFS, XACML and WS-Federation.


Connectis is the leading implementer of European standard STORK and eIDAS. The eID2018 project of Connectis will connect one hundred stakeholders in Europe’s first large- scale federation.


Based in the Netherlands, Connectis is dedicated to support all Dutch standards for secure login including DigiD, eHerkenning, Idensys, Surffederatie and iDIN (Bank-ID).

Connectis Identity Broker

The Connectis Identity Broker connects website and applications to one or more identity providers. This enables users to login using the identity provider they prefer and the credentials they own. This increases the satisfaction of your clients, strengthens your online conversion and reduces operating costs for customer on-boarding, service desk and compliance.

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