Programming lessons for all primary school children in Rotterdam

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Connectis will be teaching all primary school children in Rotterdam to program. This provides a response to changes in the labour market, in which the shortage of programmers is growing, while, at the same time, jobs are disappearing due to increasing automation.

For children:

Programming is one of the most creative activities there is. Especially for children like you. It is interesting and good to learn. If you learn how much fun programming is now, this will help you lots later on in life. Even if you don’t become a programmer, it teaches you structured thinking. And that, of course, is always useful.

For parents:

Children who become familiar with programming software at an early age can easily further develop these skills. It is especially important for girls to get involved early, because they face some prejudice. This project gives children the chance to discover their potential and improve their future chances in the labour market, while at the same time it meets the need for more programmers. Primary education is currently not sufficiently set up to do this and often the means and the expertise are lacking.
Connectis is one of the largest providers of identity management in the Netherlands and is growing rapidly. We are specialised in developing software for online user identification, authentication and authorisation at the highest confidence level. Our goal is to improve the world by making online identification available for everyone. Ensuring that the privacy and security of all parties involved is perfectly guaranteed.
More than 12 million people in the Netherlands make use of the Connectis infrastructure when logging in to their service providers. From insurance companies to financial services companies. From local councils to national ministries. More about our products can be found in this overview.

For schools:

We take care of paying the students who will be teaching. TU Delft will coordinate the project and select the students. The lessons have already started and are provided to students in the higher classes (groups 6 to 8).
We have collected the questions most frequently asked by schools on this special page.

Schools that are interested can register using this form:

For students and job seekers:

We see a shortage of programmers on the labour market. We are always looking for good developers, who—just like us—want to add value to society. Our goal is to improve the world by making online identification available for everyone. As a not-for-profit company, we do this by developing good products. By giving programming in schools an impulse, we hope to contribute our part to a better world.

  • Would you like to teach such subjects to school children in Rotterdam? Send an e-mail to Felienne Hermans of the TU Delft:
  • Are you really looking for a job as a programmer (developer), then of course you can come to us. We are always looking for good developers, who, just like us, want to add value to society. Check our current vacancies.


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