We provide secure and effortless
login solutions


Identify millions of customers using a single connection

Our out-of-the-box solutions enable your customers to login using DigiD, eHerkenning, Facebook, Google, PKI-Overheid, IRMA, eIDAS, Bank-ID/iDIN, Idensys and many others. Currently, over 250 organizations use our certified Identity Broker to identify over 10 million customers online.

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Secure online transactions with public and private service providers

Using our software and services, over 50,000 organizations ensure that they can securely access a broad range of public and private services. 70% of all transactions within eHerkenning are performed using the software and infrastructure of Connectis.

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Unify user experience across multiple channels

Allow your users to act on your services regardless of the channel by enabling them to login using any device. Enable customers to use existing credentials to secure mobile apps and create a seamless experience. Connectis supports organizations and end-users with secure login to websites, webservices and mobile devices.

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Exchange confidential information with citizens across Europe

Connectis will connect 25 European countries with up to 100 Dutch municipalities in the eIDAS 2018 project.

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Outsource your complete
Identity Infrastructure

Guarantee the privacy of your users by outsourcing your identity infrastructure in any way you want it. We provide our solutions built-to-order and support custom work. All of our products can be delivered as a service or as a dedicated installation on site.

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Optimize secure registration of your customers

Connectis can leverage its experience in secure online identification to optimize your customer registration processes. Our dedicated verification tools enable an efficient and secure authentication of your users.

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Follow market leaders into success

Connectis support over 50,000 private companies and is critical in the infrastructure of hundreds of municipalities, provinces, ministries and other governmental organizations.

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Connectis fulfills a crucial role in the infrastructure for many of its customers.
Security & continuity are our #1 priority.


Ruling WJZ/15023462 electronic identification. Regulation 910/2014 electronic identification and trust services.


ISO 27001 certified since 2011, and accredited by the Dutch Government as a provider of eRecognition services.


Penetration tests executed by Madison Gurkha, Fox IT, KPMG, Ernst & Young, Insite Security, Sogeti, Ordina & Deloitte.


Continuity guaranty provided to customers by the independent Foundation for Supervision & Continuity Connectis.

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