Easily secure your online service with eRecognition


One online identity with eRecognition

eRecognition is a standardised login system that makes your services securely accessible online.
This way, companies, authorities and consumers can do business securely and simply with each other online.

Guaranteed authentication and authorisation

Connectis examines each person who wishes to make use of a service individually to see who this person is (authentication) and whether this person is actually authorised for the service (authorisation). Protection and reliability of personal data are always guaranteed at the correct level.

Reuse one digital key for various online services

With a single key, users can log in to all the connected organisations and government services. The confusion caused by using different accounts and login procedures is therefore a thing of the past.

More about logging in with eRecognition

Save time and costs with a standardised login system

Developing and managing a secure login facility and distributing login resources is very costly. A standardised login system saves you a significant amount of expense and you know for certain that everything is well organised. Your users also save considerably on costs, because they only need to register a single means of logging in.

For more information on connection your service to eRecognition, contact support@connectis.nl.

More information

Do you want to optimise your online security and customer experience? Contact our Service Desk via support@connectis.nl.

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