Terms & Conditions

No surprises at Connectis

At Connectis, trust and security are paramount. Our general terms and conditions and terms of use describe the mutual rights and obligations that are essential for a secure partnership.

These terms and conditions are not concerned with the costs, periods of time and/or payments. We are very clear in this respect and always communicate the price and term of validity of our products unambiguously. This makes carrying out online business cheaper, easier and safer.

General Terms & Conditions

Our general terms and conditions apply to all our services; they describe the agreements between Connectis and the organisation you work for.

Download Algemene Voorwaarden eHerkenningsmiddelen

Download Algemene Voorwaarden Connectis algemeen

Contract management

In the contract management agreement, the organisation declares that one of its employees, the contract manager, has full authority to represent the organisation in its dealings with Connectis. This makes it possible for this party to conclude new or existing agreements online and in real time. This agreement is drawn up for you by Connectis as part of the application procedure.

Voorbeeld overeenkomst contractbeheer (Dutch)

Authorisation management

In the Authorisation management agreement, the organisation declares that one of its employees, the authorisation manager, has the authority to administer the authorities of an employee and/or organisations on behalf of the organisation. This agreement is drawn up for you by Connectis as part of the application procedure.

Voorbeeld overeenkomst Machtigingenbeheer (Dutch)


The liability of Connectis is never higher than the amount covered by its professional liability insurance. You can read the terms and conditions of our insurance below.


Download Voorwaarden Beroepsaansprakelijkheidsverzekering ICT 2003 (Dutch)

Download Bijzondere Voorwaarden Bedrijfsaansprakelijkheidsverzekering 2003 (Dutch)

Terms of Use

The Connectis Terms of Use always apply when you make use of our software. You can download the Connectis Terms of Use here.

Connectis Terms of Use

In signing these terms, you declare:

  • That you will not provide any incorrect information and you will inform Connectis directly about any changes;
  • That you are operating on behalf of and in accordance with the procedures of your company, employer and/or commissioning client;
  • That you will treat your e-mail address and other authentification resources as strictly personal.

Read these Terms of Use carefully, so thta you know what your rights are obligations are when you use the Software.

Download Gebruiksvoorwaarden (Dutch)

Terms of Use eRecognition

The Terms of Use eHerkenning were drawn up by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. You must first accept these Terms before you can make use of the eHerkenning network.

Download Gebruikersvoorwaarden eHerkenning (Dutch)

Privacy & Cookies

Connected Information Systems B.V. considers privacy and handling of personal data of utmost importance. We process personal data in a secure and careful manner. We comply fully with the requirements of the Dutch Data Protection Act.

Privacy statement

In our privacy statement we explain which personal data we collect from you and how we use this.

Download Privacy statement (Dutch)

Cookie statement

Our cookie statement explains which browser cookies we use and why.

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Connected Information Systems B.V. (Dutch Chamber of Commerce 24444001), hereafter called Connectis, hereby grants you access to https://connectis.nl and invites you to consult the materials offered thereon. Connectis reserves the right to change the content at any time or to remove any part thereof without separate notice.

Limitation of liability

Connectis uses its best efforts to keep https://connectis.nl up to date and complete as much as possible. Despite our attention and care content may be inaccurate or incomplete.
In particular, all prices are with reservation of typing or programming mistakes. No liability is accepted for any such mistakes. No agreement shall be formed on the basis of such mistakes.


All intellectual property rights regarding these materials are and remain with Connectis and its licensors. No copying, distribution or any other use of these materials is permitted without the prior express written permission of Connectis, except and to the extent permitted by mandatory law (such as fair use or quotation rights) unless explicitly indicated with particular materials.


This disclaimer may change from time to time.

Responsible Disclosure Policy

Connectis takes its software and infrastructure security very seriously. We are well aware that security is a continuous process, and new threats or weaknesses may appear at any time. We welcome third-party tips and advice on how to improve our security. To aid in this process we have drafted the below responsible disclosure policy.

Security issues

Should you encounter a security issue with our services, then please let us know. A security issue means any issue or weakness that may be used to abuse, manipulate or make inaccessible data in our services. This does not only include technical security but also procedural weaknesses.

We hereby permit you to proactively search for suspected security issues in our software or infrastructure. However, we do not permit actions that cause damage to us our our customers, such as by erasing data or disrupting our operations. Further, publishing personal data obtained through such search is not permitted.

Reporting issues

Please report any issues you have found by e-mail to cert@connectis.nl.
In any case please include:

  • The urgency of the issue
  • A brief description of the issue
  • Screenshots or other information that illustrate the problem in more details
  • Any steps needed to reproduce the problem
  • Your contact details (a name and e-mail address or phone number, using a pseudonym is permitted)
  • Whether you want to stay updated on our progress in solving the issue

Response to reports

We will respond within three Dutch working days to your report. Your report is confidential and your identity will not be shared with third parties (unless mandated by law). Further we will keep you informed about the progress of the solution if have indicated so.

If you stick to the above rules, we will not file criminal charges or initiate legal proceedings against you.


If the issue is new and we can reproduce it, we will grant you a reward.

If we judge that the issue you submitted is a direct and immediate threat to the continuity of Connectis, you will be entitled to even bigger reward.

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