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Connect to eIDAS, why?

On September 29, 2018 European Regulation 910/2014 will take effect. By then, European citizens must be able to log into your public services with their own national eID. Is your organization ready for this? Start now and allow your organization and your people to prefer on time.

Access to Europe

Public services, such as applying for a birth certificate or parking permit, will become digitally accessible to Europeans residing in the Netherlands. For instance expats, seasonal workers, students etc. Instead of applying for a Dutch DigiD, they can log in directly using their own familiar eID.

Connectis is working with the Ministry of Economic Affairs to establish an advanced network of connections between more than 100 Dutch municipalities and the available European eIDs.

Of course we are not finished yet. Other national public services will become accessible to European eIDs, with reciprocal access in the other European countries. This means that, as a Dutch citizen, you will soon be able to log in to other European countries with your own DigiD.

However, eIDAS is not only meant for citizens; companies can also benefit. Offering cross-border online services using eID increases user-friendliness and the online safety of services such as e-commerce, financial retail (banking and insurance), healthcare and services offered by the telecom sector.

Connectis offers the tools to enable private services at cross-border level, so that all citizens – and clients – of Europe can have access.

Why eIDAS?

Imagine you are traveling through Europe with your passport. And in every country you are required to have a different passport. That would be a bit strange, right?


eIDAS_in_Europe_ConnectisDid you know that 52% of the European citizens use the online channel to access governmental services.

Tap into the potential of over half a billion citizens in Europe. Check out all figures in this infographic.

Open infographic


  • Does the eIDAS regulation only deal with eIDs?
  • Where is an eID being used?
  • Which data is needed to file for an eID?

Just a few of the many questions we have received on eIDAS and eIDs. Therefore we have gathered the most common questions and of course answered them. They can be found on this special page.


Would you like to know more about connecting your services with eIDAS? Let us know via this form. We will get in touch with you and explain how we can help you out.


Thank you

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