Connectis Identity Broker

Your client has many accounts. Just think about it. DigiD, Facebook, eHerkenning, Google, Twitter, iDIN and LinkedIn. Maybe also Indensys, Microsoft, eIDAS or Surf. Plus the one of your website or digital application. And of course he wants to use the account he prefers.

How do I connect all these accounts to my application?

Our Connectis Identity Broker connects website and applications to one or more identity providers. This enables users to login using the identity provider they prefer and the credentials they own. This increases the satisfaction of your clients, strengthens your online conversion and reduces operating costs for customer on-boarding, service desk and compliance.

Key characteristics

Improved User Interaction

  • Supporting multiple Identity Providers
  • Fully customizable user interaction and graphical user interface
  • White-labeling for multi-brand companies
  • Single Sign On identification to increase usability

Seamless Integration

  • Supporting existing IAM solutions
  • Other standards, protocols or derived protocols can be integrated
  • State-of-the-art adapters can be integrated with existing applications

Innovative Solution

  • Ready for the latest innovations in federated identity management such as eIDAS and Idensys
  • Context parameters can be used as an additional authentication factor
  • Mobile device ready

How it works

The Connectis Identity Broker connects websites and applications to one or more identity providers. It enables reuse of any existing (website) credential on mobile devices, desktops, web services and the Internet-of-Things (IoT). Even when a credential is technically incompatible with a device, the platform enables the user to activate the device using his web browser.

The Connectis Java and ASP.NET adapters allow developers to easily connect their application to the Connectis Identity Broker. It is delivered as a java library (jar) or .NET library (dll) and integration with a typical application can be done in 10 to 25 lines of code.

Identity Management PlatformNeed to know more? Full explanation can be found in our our brochure. And of course you can contact our account specialists.


The following companies and governmental institutions are all using the Connectis Identity Broker in order to communicate with their clients, citizens and other target groups in a secure and effortless way.



Do you want to learn more about how you can connect your client’s accounts to your services Let our account managers know via this form. We will get in touch with you soon and tell you all about our Identity Broker without any commitments.


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