Connectis likes to work together with other companies and institutions that – just like us – think that quality and customer satisfaction are of paramount importance.

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Strategic Partners

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The number of ways to login to online services is growing rapidly in Europe and beyond. It requires a lot of knowledge, time and money to make multiple login methods accessible, and to maintain and secure them.

Therefore, CGI and Connectis offer a ready-made solution to let customers use their preferred login method: Bring Your Own ID (BYOID).

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SIDN manages the .nl domain. They arrange the registration of the .nl domain names and they do more: for example, they share their knowledge, support initiatives for a better internet and develop new services.

SIDN has acquired a majority stake in Connectis since January 1, 2017. The Connectis-SIDN link-up represents a big boost for the digital identities market.

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