Vacancies: Sales Engineer, Marketing Associatie and Marketing Communications Manager

18 May 2017

We are growing. Fast. To expand sales and marketing department, we have various vacancies. 

To expand our sales department, we are looking for a Sales Engineer with strong technical affinity. Someone who is able to embrace all our complex and technical products and translate this to what the customer needs. And can translate the customer needs into the best solutions.

To expand our Marketing and Communications department, we are looking for a Marketing Associate. Someone who is able to support the direct and indirect marketing and sales efforts of our own organization as well as our resellers.

To expand our Marketing and Communications department, we are also looking for a Marketing & Communications Manager. Someone who is able to satisfy the needs of our current and future clients, defines and executes our Marketing strategy and informs our stakeholders in the most effective and efficient way.

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Press Release: Programming lessons for all primary school children in Rotterdam

2 May 2017
Connectis, SIDN and TU Delft, three large players in the fields of safe log-in software, internet, and scientific research, respectively, will be teaching all primary school children in Rotterdam to program. This provides a response to changes in the labour market, in which the shortage of programmers is growing, while, at the same time, jobs are disappearing due to increasing automisation.

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Vacancy: Java Software Developer

20 April 2017

We are looking for an ambitious and enthusiastic software developer who would like to further develop his or her skills. You will contribute to our own SaaS and cloud applications with which we reach millions of end users. Our code is mission critical for many of our high-profile customers.

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News: 910/2014… better known as eIDAS

6 February 2017
By September 2018 the European legislation 910/2014 will take effect. It allows all European citizens and businesses to use their own national eID in the other European countries. So, the next year and a half a lot has to be developed. Therefore we offer you a simple explanation in 2 minutes and 43 seconds: What is eIDAS?

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News: Why enforce your company’s account, while they can simply use their own Digital Identity?

25 January 2017

Your client has many accounts. Just think about it. DigiD, Facebook, eHerkenning, Google, Twitter, iDIN and LinkedIn. Maybe also Indensys, Microsoft, eIDAS or Surf. Plus the one of your website or digital application. And of course he wants to use the account he prefers. So, how do you connect all these accounts to your application?

The Connectis Identity Broker connects website and applications to one or more identity providers. This enables users to login using the identity provider they prefer and the credentials they own. This increases the satisfaction of your clients, strengthens your online conversion and reduces operating costs for customer on-boarding, service desk and compliance.

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Press release: Market for digital identities boosted as Connectis and SIDN join forces

11 January 2017

On 1 January, SIDN – the company behind all .nl domain names – acquired a majority stake in Connectis. Connectis is one of the Netherlands’ biggest suppliers of secure log-in solutions, processing millions of log-in transactions a year. The Connectis-SIDN link-up represents a big boost for the digital identities market.

It opens the way for Connectis to realise its growth ambitions and build towards a future of secure log-ins and reusable digital identities. The acquisition also means that SIDN immediately becomes an important player on the digital identities market. Connectis’s services dovetail neatly with SIDN’s ambition to make digital living easier and safer for everyone.

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